speak: Red Letter Challenge

I was an adult before I learned the lyric in Alabama’s Song of the South is not “sweet potato pie and a shirt in my mouth,” but “sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth.” (secretly I have kept whispering it my way when I hear the song.) That’s how it is sometimes. We hear […]

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fish: Red Letter Challenge

Fish. Fishing. Fishermen. Fishing for men. If you’ve been around church at all, you’ve heard it. Jesus calling his first disciples, fishermen, to join in his work of “fishing for men” and sharing the Good News. (Check it out in Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 1:6-20, and Luke 5:2-11) I have always liked the play on words […]

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How You Doin’?

Through my life I’ve only held a handful of jobs. I’ve worked in a record store (we actually had  a very small section of  LP “records”). I’ve been a server and a bartender (even made up my own drink…The Tidal Wave. Impressed?). I’ve worked in an advertising agency (on both the account and creative sides). […]

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