I Wonder If This Will Be The Year

Bright-eyed, enthusiastically announcing Its arrival, The New Year rushes in. It does not know, Or does not care, It is not the first year. There is an Old Year who holds Out the hand of memory, Asking to be brought along, Despite having rushed into our lives Just as this visitor has done. And I, […]

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After Party

I have just survived my home being invaded by ten sorority girls. Earlier in the week my daughter, one of the aforementioned girls, asked what plans we had this weekend and then commenced to let us know what our plans would be. So, there was cleaning and shopping and cooking. Grilling hamburgers and chicken. A […]

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Get In My Belly!

I had the opportunity to talk about food and faith today with some dear friends. In my rambling I said something that keeps rattling around in my head… We all eat. Okay, that is not a profound statement. The implication; however, lies at the heart of Christianity. Whatever your income, education, political affiliation, height, favorite […]

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