When Even A Little Is Too Much

For almost forty days I did not taste the liquid joy that is coffee. Before “fasting” from coffee as part of my Lenten journey, I was drinking 8 to 12 cups a day. That’s the equivalent of the Pacific Ocean or it might as well have been, because when you deny yourself something, it grows […]

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fasting: Red Letter Challenge

Prayer…cool. Worship…definitely. Read scripture…on it. Fasting…er, um. That’s moving quickly, right? Seriously, of all the practices meant to help us grow closer to God and others, fasting is the one I have had the least experience with and the most difficulty incorporating into a regular rhythm. This is not a good thing. Fasting is a […]

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A Cup of Community

Maybe it was a byproduct of serving in the Army where fresh coffee wasn’t always available in the field. Maybe he was ahead of his time. Maybe he just needed the caffeine rush. Whatever the case, I have vivid memories of my uncle drinking coffee hot, cold and all temperatures in between. He just always […]

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