Appreciating Online Community

There’s something pretty cool about celebrating a birthday in today’s cyber-world. High school classmates, distant relatives, church friends, co-workers.  The flood of well wishes leaves one feeling noticed, valued, important. At least those are some of the things I’ve experienced this trip around the sun as observed via social media. Now when I was a young child, birthdays were grand events, […]

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Even the Creepy Dude Next Door?

“Who is my neighbor?” It’s the question an “expert in the law” asked of Jesus in an attempt to justify some less than neighborly behavior. Jesus answers with the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  (check out the story here) I love this passage, as challenging as it remains.  I resonate with the call to care […]

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Jesus the Techie

I’m sitting in a global “coffee” chain.  It’s probably the closest thing we have to a community well…a gathering place for folks to come and hang out and soak up some “community’.  Some have called such gathering spots Third Places. (Mark Batterson introduced me to the concept of Third Places.  Check out his thoughts here […]

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