Rethinking Whimsy

Whimsy. Do you know this word? It sounds a bit weak to my ears. It does not have the gravity I generally like in my language. In my mind’s eye, I imagine fluffy clouds and sparkles and frilly, fruffy things. And yet, I am coming to suspect, I need a bit more whimsy in my […]

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Insert Creative Title Here

God is creative. That is, if you believe in God, you understand God is pretty good at making stuff.  Plants and birds and rocks and things.  Sunshine.  Bumblebees.  Duck-billed platypii.  Cool breezes.  Misty mornings.  Trees and spider webs and lava and thunder.  Color and light.  Sound and silence.  Us.  God made it all (and a […]

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Controllers Anonymous

Collaboration. What does it mean to you?  When have you seen it?  What does it feel like?  When is it useful?  What do we hope comes from it? A good chunk of my life, I’ve avoided collaboration, at least a form of it. I’m thinking about all those group projects I’ve encountered in a variety […]

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