rock: Red Letter Challenge

They’ve caught her in a bad situation and excitedly drag her out to face punishment. We don’t know her story aside from this moment. We don’t know the circumstance or the setup. What we do know is a bunch of men, bent on discrediting Jesus, are using this woman to further their agenda. These men […]

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repent: Red Letter Challenge

When I went to get my drivers license many moons ago, part of the test was to identify road signs. All of the signs were familiar to me expect the “do not enter” sign. What tripped me up initially was they just showed the red circle with the white line in the middle; no words. […]

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Remember [1Word5Voices]

A few weeks ago it came to light that news anchor, Brian Williams exaggerated some facts concerning his involvement in at least one major event┬áhe reported in the past. His admission set off a flurry of memes making fun of Williams by placing him at all sorts of historic events. I chuckled at many of […]

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