The Greatest Gift

I was recently presented with a pen. I’ve received more expensive gifts.  I already have a cup full of pens on my desk.  I didn’t really “need” a new pen. So why am I excited about my pen? It is a tangible reminder that someone thought of me.  Someone cared enough about me to gift […]

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Thinking Of You

It’s wonderful to be thought of. Today I received a message from some friends who are enjoying a wonderful time at Disney World.  They took a picture outside the StarTours ride (a StarWars fan’s dream come true) saying “Wish you were here!” Now, they might not really wish I was there, but upon seeing the […]

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We’re In This Together

Life is often surprising and unpredictable.  In the midst of all the chaos, there are still some things we can prepare for.  There are some questions we can anticipate. “Should the toilet paper roll over the top or from under the bottom?”  (Over the top, no question.) “Does it really matter if you squeeze the […]

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