I Wonder If This Will Be The Year

Bright-eyed, enthusiastically announcing Its arrival, The New Year rushes in. It does not know, Or does not care, It is not the first year. There is an Old Year who holds Out the hand of memory, Asking to be brought along, Despite having rushed into our lives Just as this visitor has done. And I, […]

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A Cancer Prayer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to celebrate with Cancer Survivors as we recognized National Cancer Survivors Day.  Worship was lively.  The atmosphere was charged with hope.  The butterflies were shocked. (We release butterflies as a sign  and symbol of hope and freedom.  Fact: butterflies don’t like the cold). I composed a prayer for our worship […]

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Night (Lent #21)

A word of encouragement for all of us wandering in the wilderness… The pain will end. The hunger and thirst will be relieved. The danger will be thwarted. The trials will be overcome. The paths will be made straight. The way will become clear. The sacrifice will be accepted. The broken will be made whole. […]

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