be: Red Letter Challenge

There are many types of people in the world, though if I had to lump everyone in just two boxes I’d assign some to a box labeled “Be.” and the rest to a box labeled “Do.” Yes, overly simplistic. Yes, there are a bazillion nuances to people and no one fits in just one “box.” […]

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light: Red Letter Challenge

I don’t believe I have ever been afraid of the dark. I have let my imagination run wild while walking along a dark path or through a dark room, but I would suggest this is different than fear. Recognizing there is a type of “healthy” fear which can protect us, for me fear is that […]

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Movements > Institutions

When Jesus began his public ministry, folks connected with his message and decided to join others who sought to share and live that message. Through fierce opposition and even the death of Jesus (they thought that would kill the movement…they were wrong!), the movement continued to expand and eventually became the official religion of the […]

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