sing: Red Letter Challenge

In fourth grade I made the school choir. You would have thought I won the lottery. In my memory, we stayed after school and sang soaring songs such as “Let’s Go Fly A Kite!” It was a heady time for sure. Truth be told, I’m not sure anyone was actually turned away from joining. I […]

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Sing [#1Word5voices]

I attended a conference yesterday which began with some singing.  I don’t believe this to be a uniquely Methodist practice, but I have experienced many gatherings that began in a like manner. Perhaps we Methodists like to sing because at our roots, one of our founders was in love with music.  Of course, I’m thinking of Charles Wesley. Charles, the […]

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Temper (Lent #31)

“The point of Christian experience is not to generate feelings of love but for us to become loving persons.” – Henry H. Knight, III Ah, Dr. Knight. You will be hard pressed to find a kinder, gentler man.  You will also be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable and passionate about the teachings of John Wesley. The quote above is […]

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