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Most of my life I have been encouraged to be a leader. I’ve been coached, trained, schooled, and mentored. I’ve been groomed, prepared, tested, and elected. My identity, my sense of self, revolves around being a leader – at home, at church, in groups I participate in. The desire to lead, the expectation to lead, […]

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The Art of Timing

We like banana bread at my house. Not the kind with nuts in it, that’s just gross.  No, we like warm, out-of-the-oven, just a bit squishy banana bread.  You know the kind with the sticky brown crust and the golden, freckled-with-banana-bits insides? If I can state the obvious, the key to really great banana bread […]

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Garden Variety Leaders

Maybe it’s the continually rising transportation costs being passed along to consumers, but my dollar doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it did in the marketplace.  Especially the “market” place.  The place I go to buy the fresh produce I should be eating more of.  The place I go to stock up on the […]

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