Life Is Better Together

I like Jack Johnson.  He’s got that singer-songwriter thing I have always enjoyed.  Simple.  Catchy.  Meaningful.  He paints with his words.  This is perhaps what I appreciate most about his music.  They are a form of storytelling I resonate with. I’ve returned recently to one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs, “Better Together”. Better together.  […]

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Don’t Just Show Up…Be Present!

“Where are you?  What are you doing?  Are you listening?  Paying attention?  Stay focused.  Stop looking at your phone.  Turn it off.  Be here.  Now.  In the present.  Be with who you are with.  Talk with them.  Live with them.  Take some time.  Think.  Do you understand who you are?  What you are called to […]

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Thank You Red Light Lady

The light was red as I pulled up to the car.  Glancing over, I observed the woman playing with her phone.  A young boy, twelve-ish, sat in the passenger seat next to the woman. I thought, “Look what she’s teaching that kid.”  I imagined him growing up, getting a license and deciding texting while driving is okay. Now […]

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