Covenant [1Word5Voices]

No one stands at the altar (physically or metaphorically) to get married thinking “This is going to end in pain and suffering and heartache.” Yet we know many marriages will end in just those ways. So will friendships and employment and memberships and a variety of other relationships. Why? Without oversimplifying the complexity and wide-range […]

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Beloved (Lent #36)

Be-loved. Be-love-ed. However you say it, “beloved” means dearly loved.  (check out these ways the word has been used…The Gospel of John’s Beloved Disciple; Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Beloved Community) To love dearly, to be dearly loved. I had a moment this morning as I was hovering over a bowl of cereal, when my mind […]

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Why I Got Out Of Bed Today

If you see me around the church wearing a suit, there’s a good chance I’m heading to a funeral or a wedding.  Perhaps you attend a church or know a pastor who customarily wears a suit.  This is not my practice.  So if you see the suit, I’m in marrying or burying mode. This past few weeks […]

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