speak: Red Letter Challenge

I was an adult before I learned the lyric in Alabama’s Song of the South is not “sweet potato pie and a shirt in my mouth,” but “sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth.” (secretly I have kept whispering it my way when I hear the song.) That’s how it is sometimes. We hear […]

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How to Improve Preaching

I was reflecting this morning with a friend about our Lenten blogging experience   My friend was observing that the practice of writing something every day, even given word prompts, resulted in several themes reappearing over and over in the blog. I suggested it’s the same with preaching. We only have one story to tell…God loves us.  The challenge […]

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Silence (Lent #28)

I am a preacher and a pastor.  I make a distinction between pastor and preacher though many will use these titles interchangeably.  As pastor, I help lead a congregation as a co-shepherd, as one who comes alongside folks and offers comfort, nurture, support.  As a preacher I speak from and about God’s word.  It is in preaching […]

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