You Are NOT Alone

Because of who I am and what I do, I have an opportunity to talk with folks during some of the most incredible moments of their lives. By incredible I mean both the extraordinarily great and the extremely bad.  These are the vulnerable and deeply personal pieces of our lives. What surprises me time and […]

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Thinking Of You

It’s wonderful to be thought of. Today I received a message from some friends who are enjoying a wonderful time at Disney World.  They took a picture outside the StarTours ride (a StarWars fan’s dream come true) saying “Wish you were here!” Now, they might not really wish I was there, but upon seeing the […]

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Show Up: The Gift of Presence

“Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship during a sad time in our lives.” I found these words in a note I received recently from a couple who has definitely experienced great sadness this year. Now, I would tell you I didn’t do anything special.  I didn’t do anything extraordinary for or with these people. And that is […]

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