Forget Flying

I like superheroes. I especially like Superman.  Super strong.  Super fast.  Heat vision.  X-ray vision.  Cold breath.  And, in case that wasn’t enough, he can fly! “Super” seems so inadequate to describe the guy. Funny thing is, as much as I like Superman’s powers (and those of other superheroes), I have discovered a power that […]

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New Milk Skins?

I wear t-shirts.  The white kind probably more appropriately called “undershirts” because I am almost always wearing them under some other piece of clothing.  Now, not all my undershirts are actually white, but at least for the past decade or more, they have been tagless. Younger readers won’t even know what I’m talking about when […]

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Surround (Lent #32)

Surround…to embrace, to enfold, to engulf. I was surrounded in Russia (sorry, this is another “I was surprised by love” post). By surrounded I mean embraced by child after child in the orphanage we visited.  One child in particular I found to be extraordinarily gifted at surrounding me. And I liked it. I liked him snuggling […]

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