Help (Lent #43)

I had an opportunity several years ago to work as a bartender for the owners of a major sporting team in the town where I live.  I worked in the private suite at the stadium, arriving well before game time to get ready for hundreds of guests.  Most of the drinks were pretty simple and […]

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We’re In This Together

Life is often surprising and unpredictable.  In the midst of all the chaos, there are still some things we can prepare for.  There are some questions we can anticipate. “Should the toilet paper roll over the top or from under the bottom?”  (Over the top, no question.) “Does it really matter if you squeeze the […]

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No More Puny Tips

“Can I see your manager?” When I worked in a restaurant these were words you never wanted to hear.  Generally the request was followed by a complaint or some criticism.  And who wants their boss getting an earful of “this guy stinks!”? Sometimes the issue wasn’t about the service directly, but about the dining experience in general.  Most times, it […]

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