child: Red Letter Challenge

When the first (now known as Episode 4: A New Hope) Star Wars movie came out I was just a child. My cares were eat, sleep and play, in no particular order. Star Wars provided fertile ground for the active imagination of a young boy into science and space and with an overdeveloped sense of […]

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Powers [1Word5Voices]

There are a few things my family and friends can tell you I like…a lot. The color orange. Jeep Wranglers. Guinness. Jesus and Relationships. Star Wars. Superman. As the word for today is “Powers” two of my favorites jump right out. Star Wars… Jedi and Sith battling for control of the universe, with what? A […]

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No (Lent #23)

You know the story.  Bad Guy is really bad.  Good Guy is weak, but fights anyway.  Good Guy and Bad Guy have a climatic encounter.  Here’s how it played out in what is now known as Episode V of the Star Wars saga. [Lightsaber battle…join me…i won’t, you’re evil…] Darth Vader:  “No, I am your […]

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