solitude: Red Letter Challenge

Is there something wrong with me? I read “solitude” and my first thought is Superman. Specifically, I think about Superman’s base of operations, his retreat…The Fortress of Solitude. I’ve written about Superman before and even this idea of being alone and isolated. (you can check out my other Superman thoughts here and here and here) […]

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Powers [1Word5Voices]

There are a few things my family and friends can tell you I like…a lot. The color orange. Jeep Wranglers. Guinness. Jesus and Relationships. Star Wars. Superman. As the word for today is “Powers” two of my favorites jump right out. Star Wars… Jedi and Sith battling for control of the universe, with what? A […]

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Alone (Lent #38)

I pull into the parking lot today and am surprised to find my name tag getting snowed on.  I must have dropped it as I left yesterday and there it sat, all night, in the cold (and now the snow), alone. The title I have scrawled on this name tag is “Super Hero”.  A bit […]

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