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When Jesus began his public ministry, folks connected with his message and decided to join others who sought to share and live that message. Through fierce opposition and even the death of Jesus (they thought that would kill the movement…they were wrong!), the movement continued to expand and eventually became the official religion of the […]

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Who We Are and What We Do

Conference. In the denomination in which I serve, we have conferences.  The term has come to include the work we do together and the actual people doing the work.  For some the work we do is catch up, reunite, share a bit of life together.  Others come with agendas and politics and legislation.  Some come […]

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We’re In This Together

Life is often surprising and unpredictable.  In the midst of all the chaos, there are still some things we can prepare for.  There are some questions we can anticipate. “Should the toilet paper roll over the top or from under the bottom?”  (Over the top, no question.) “Does it really matter if you squeeze the […]

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