Look [1Word5Voices]

There’s something flying high above us.  How can you tell if it’s a bird or a plane or Superman? You have to look. Looking precedes seeing. If we want to see – to know…to understand…to perceive – we must first look. I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say, looking will frame, shape, and determine […]

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Vision (Lent #12)

One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received came as I prepared to move from my first full-time appointment as a pastor.  The plaque bearing Proverbs 29:18 has followed me since. A reminder to lead.  A call to remember the importance of vision. For some time I read the words of Psalm 29 in a […]

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Viral Vision

Vision is slippery.  It’s wiggly and hard to pin down.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you find vision leaks and shifts and changes and emerges and evolves. So, it’s something of a feat when vision sticks.  It worth celebrating when vision spreads. This weekend as our worship gathering was closing and folks […]

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