serve: Red Letter Challenge

Tonight we observed Good Friday. The scripture account of Jesus’ anguish, arrest, beating and death is hard to read though easy to imagine as the words paint such a vivid picture. The service is one of the most powerful I participate in all year. Part of what makes it so powerful for me is the […]

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An Open Letter to a Server

Dear Server, I came into your establishment recently with a few friends.  We try to get together as often as we can, but life conspires to keep us apart more than we would like.  So when you came to our table, I was full of hope and joy and excitement.  I was ready to joke […]

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No More Puny Tips

“Can I see your manager?” When I worked in a restaurant these were words you never wanted to hear.  Generally the request was followed by a complaint or some criticism.  And who wants their boss getting an earful of “this guy stinks!”? Sometimes the issue wasn’t about the service directly, but about the dining experience in general.  Most times, it […]

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