How She Loves Me

There are so many ways to say, “I love you.”

Some use stuff.  They send flowers and buy jewelry.  They surprise with shoes and jackets and dinners.  Their love is gifted.

Some say it with time. Time spent watching movies and sports and kids.  Time spent hanging at the beach or driving in the car.  Their love is counted in minutes and hours and days.

Some actually say it.  A simple “I love you”.  Some want to say it, but don’t have the words.  “Er…um…ditto.”  Some find words that paint a picture.

This is how she loves me.

“Love you to the moon and back.”

The distance to the moon is 238,900 miles (384,400 km).  She loves me twice that much!

What would it be like if we all knew we are so loved?  We are you know?

What would it be like if we all expressed this much love?  We can you know?

I’m part of a family who likes to express their love for each other.  We end every phone call with an “I love you.”  When we tuck each other in at night we offer hugs and kisses and “I love you”.  If one of us is leaving for work, school, a trip, a walk around the block, we say “I love you”.

I like to randomly ask my children…”You know what?”

“We know, Dad.  Love you too.”

But to the moon and back?  That’s a lot of love.  I am blessed.

As amazing as this love is, it’s a drop in the bucket of how much God loves me.

As wonderful as this to-the-moon-and-back love makes me feel, I am blown away by the fact that God loves me even more.

Love beyond measure.  Love without equal.  Love that is uncontainable, unbelievable and undeserved.  That’s the love God has for me.

Best of all.  This is the love God has for you as well.

So friends, let us love each other up to the moon and back.  It’s a pale reflection of the love God has for us, but that’s one of the cool things about the moon…it does a good job reflecting the light.

Life is better together,

p.s. How do you say, “I love you?”

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