Wonder (Lent #7)

oceanside beachThe tide is coming in.  If I stand still, my feet will slowly sink into the sand.  I look out as far as I can see.  There is a boat of some sort gliding by just visible on the horizon.  More closely I watch wave after wave after wave form and then break sending the water inland to engulf my feet and legs as I stand on the beach.

I could stand here all day, I think.  I could just stand here and watch the waves, feel the surf, listen to the rhythm of the universe.

I love the ocean.  Vast and powerful and mysterious.

I have been thinking about the ocean quite a bit lately. It seems to come up in conversation.  I peek in on the vacations of others who dangle their toes over a beach chair and snap a quick shot.  I endure the cold or a storm and I remember warmer days spent enjoying sun and waves and sand.

They say there were seven wonders of the ancient world.  I’ve seen lists of modern-day wonders, as well.

But I’m convinced anything we make pales in comparison to the wonders God has wrought.

The ocean.

The stars.

The duck-billed platypii (platypuses?)

The bumblebee.

The daisy.

The giant redwoods.

The blue whales.

The Venus fly traps.

The canyons.

The waterfalls.

The quarks.

Take any of these creations (or a bazillion others) and can you think of any response other than wonder?

Wonder.  Amazement.  Delight.

And as wonderful as all these creations are, God tells us we are the most wonderful.  Now that’s something to wonder about.

Us.  You.  Me.

A wonder.

We are.

Seemingly small and insignificant   Often distracted and worried and rebellious.  Frequently mean and jealous.  Incredibly self-centered and extremely arrogant.

A wonder.

If you find yourself, toes sinking into the sand as the waves rise up to embrace you, look out as far as you can see.  Take it all in.  And when life calls you back to wherever you must go or whatever you must do, take the sense of wonder with you.  And in a quite moment as you reflect on your place in this great universe, especially if you doubt your worth or are surrounded by voices telling you “you don’t matter”, remember we might be dust, but we are God’s dust.  God’s wonderful dust.

Life is better together,

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