Blessed (Lent #40)

blessedWe are a few days into Spring and have endured (actually still enduring) another major snow event.  There may have even been “thunder snow”, whatever that is.

Modern technology allowed us to know the storm was coming and its potential severity.

So, as I sat at home last night, I knew that come morning, in order to make it to my day job, I would most likely have to dig out if I was going to make it in.  I opted to head up to the church before things got bad.

Warm coat, gloves, scarf and good shoes.  Sleeping bag. Toiletries.  A change of clothes.  A couple of books.

A solo slumber party in the making.  Also a chance to experience a profound truth.

I am blessed.

A major snow storm hits town.  Once upon a time, that would have meant some different things than it does today.

We had plenty of advance warning.  We could stock up on essentials.  Make arrangements to get medicines.  Check in on loved ones.  Prepare shelter and transportation.  Not to mention getting live coverage of the event as it unfolded.

Personally, I was able to drive one of two cars my family owns safely to a building that was comfortable and secure.  I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor in a room reserved for me to “work”.  I was warm and dry and protected.

I had access to running water and a flushing toilet.  I didn’t have to ward off predators (not with two or four legs).  I could turn on a light at the flip of a switch.  I could make phone calls, read a book, watch a movie.  Though we were apart, I could rest knowing my family was safe (and able to enjoy all the same things I had at my fingertips).

I am/we are blessed.

Some might believe it is because we deserve these blessings.  God bless America and all that.  Some might, but they’d be wrong.

If we have any blessings at all (and we do) it is to be a blessing.  Not because we are special or because we earned it.  No, there is another reason.

We are blessed to bless.

We have resources, not to hoard and covet and fight over, but to give and share.

As I lay on the floor of a room many would have gladly exchanged for whatever shelter they had been able to find on a cold, snowy night, I was again reminded we have a responsibility to be helpers.  We are invited to watch out for one another, to take from our excess so all can at least have some.

Blessed.  What do we do with the blessing?

Live simply.  Share abundantly.

Or put another way…

Love God.  Love neighbor.  At least that’s how I read it.  How about you?

Life is better together,

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