April Fool’s

I’m not much of a prankster.  I like to laugh and have fun and act silly, but practical jokes really aren’t my thing.

So what’s a guy to do with April Fool’s?

This is a day given over to hi-jinks and mayhem.  Pulling one over on an unsuspecting dupe is the name of the game.  And when these aren’t the ways you normally operate, you can miss out on some serious fun.

I thought I’d try at least one prank this April Fool’s.  You know, see if I’ve really been missing out all these years.

My boy woke up groggy.  He started that whine that makes me believe he believes Monday’s are his personal torture.  Now, before I went to wake him, I put my plan in motion.  I’d seen the joke somewhere weeks ago and I’d been waiting to spring the trap.  I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, least of all my son.

You see, while he slept I cut a couple of letter e’s out of brown(ish) construction paper.brown e's

When he began to fuss, I innocently asked “Hey, would you like some brown e’s I made?”

He jumped out of bed, made his way quickly to the kitchen.  A confusion came over him as he looked at the oven. “No brownies”, I imagined him thinking.  He scanned the counter.  Nope. Nothing.

Then I pointed out the brown e’s.

“April Fools!”

He huffed back toward his bed.

After a bit of coaxing he got up and around.  By this point phase two was in motion.  I placed the e’s on a paper plate, covered them with foil, tented just-so, and asked if he’d like to give brown e’s to his teacher.  A smile spread across his face.

And that my friends is how the love was shared today.  A simple joke passed along.  A little humor offered up on a Monday.

I’m still not much of a prankster, but I did enjoy this little gag.  Maybe I can find ways to add a smile and a laugh into every day.  Maybe you can too.  It’s worth a try.

Life is better together,


3 thoughts on “April Fool’s

  1. Shawn…After reading your blog, I ran uptairs and made myelf a couple of “Brown E’s” to serve Terry. He’s with Gabe, he didn’t think it was very funny. I told him it was your idea.



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