Holding Pattern

Probably more often than I’ve realized I’ve been flying into an airport and the plane is directed into a holding pattern.   This may not be the official term, but I suspect if you’ve flown at all you know what I mean.

The plane approaches the airport.  The landing gear can be heard lowering.  The air speed changes.  The plane circles as it makes its approach.  But then…the aircraft speeds up, makes a turn and begins to circle.

If you’ve flown into an airport at night, and have been sitting by a window, you may have even seen several other planes waiting their turn to land and disgorge their loads.

Holding patterns.  Circle.  Wait.  Delay.

Today I feel as if I am in a holding pattern. 

The weather, after being nice and warm, has returned to cold and dreary.  Clouds hang overheard.   Spring seems to have started only to retreat and give winter another go.


I have several projects in the works but nothing pressing, nothing imminent.  Just some good stuff, mostly routine stuff, slowly geting done.

The rhythms and patterns of life are feeling predictable and even a bit stale.

Cloudy.  Dreary.  Fine but not too exciting.

A holding pattern.

I understand without the holding pattern we’d have catastrophe.  There would be chaos and destruction.  A mess doesn’t being to describe the alternative.

So it is with life.  Sometimes we need the holding pattern to setup the good thing coming or to avert a bad thing from transpiring.

I understand this intellectually, but in my heart, I’m ready for spring.  I’m anxious for “what’s next”.  I’m looking forward to excitment and activity and wonder.  I’m ready to deplane.

But, for now it looks like we hold.  Can I get another bag of pretzels while we wait?

Life is better together,

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