#BasicNeeds pt. 2 (a Rethink Church Lenten Experiment)

Recently I enjoyed a slice of Imo’s pizza.  The pie I dove into was topped with bacon.  Not crumbles or even chunks.  FULL strips of bacon!  It was a wonder to behold and an even greater delight to eat.

pizzaI’m thinking of the bacon pizza as I enjoy even more pizza today.  As I picked off the olives, I reflected on this week’s Rethink Church question:

What are those temptations that rule you and make you turn away from those in need?  In poverty, disease and hunger?

I’m realizing my greatest temptation is my appetite, or rather, appetites.  Satisfying those appetites are what draw me away from God and others.

I have an appetite for instant gratification.

I have an appetite for leisure time.

I have an appetite for being in control.

Bottom-line, my appetites are about me.  Getting what I want, when I want it.  Selfish.  Self-centered.

Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, offers a prayer that may serve as the antidote…

Let my heart be broken with the things that break God’s heart.

If I held this prayer before me, would my appetites be any less?  Would they go away?  I don’t believe they would.  I believe I would still struggle with wanting to be in control, to have my way, to indulge my desires.  I would still be human.

The difference lies in the posture of such a prayer.

God, help me as I struggle with the temptation of self.  Show me when my decisions are self-centered and harmful to others.  Lead us (me) not into temptation, but deliver us (me) from evil.

With this posture perhaps I begin to see the homeless.  I  recognize my complicity in systems that perpetuate slavery and injustice.  I start to understand my waste, my reliance on disposable living, my consumption of too much too often, results in real hunger around the world (and in my community).

Maybe this posture leads to a repentance.  Maybe it leads to transformation.  Maybe awareness leads to action.

Maybe.  Maybe.

Life is better together,

6 thoughts on “#BasicNeeds pt. 2 (a Rethink Church Lenten Experiment)

  1. Love the way you put this. I would like to think it works this way…repentance, transformation, awareness, action, more repentance, more transformation, more awareness, continued action. Genuine posture is a result of this…maybe.


  2. the “re”s in our lives are so important…rethinking, responding, reacting, reforming, returning (mostly as it pertains to shopping) and most importantly repenting…it’s like getting “overs”…another chance to get it right.


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