celebrate: Red Letter Challenge

Birthday parties. Graduations. Weddings.

We are born to celebrate, to mark significant events, to rejoice and be glad.

By why do we only tend to focus on the “big moments?”

There is as much cause to celebrate a sunrise as there is a new job. We can celebrate offering patience to a difficult person as much as the birth of a new baby. When a friendship is repaired, we should celebrate like we do when our team wins the big game.

Hold on, you say. If we celebrate everything won’t celebrating seem less special ? Won’t everything just start to feel the same?

I can only hope so!

Imagine a world where every breath is recognized as a gift? Imagine celebrating waking up and brushing teeth and putting on clothes. Imagine small, every day occurrences being met with laughter and excitement and joy. Imagine what it would look and feel and sound like to celebrate so many small moments, big moments didn’t stand out as special but were greeted as even greater opportunities to celebrate!

I’m imaging it hard right now. Sure I officiated my second funeral this week, one of a couple dozen since this time last year, but even in that we can celebrate. This life is not all there is. Those of us who follow Jesus, celebrate his victory over Sin and Death. The life we are given is eternal life. For those in the back…EVEN IN DEATH WE GET TO CELEBRATE! WE ARE GIFTED ETERNAL LIFE WITH JESUS!

Sorry I got all screamy on you there, but this is Good News. And the best part is we get to celebrate it now. We don’t have to wait to turn another year older or save up to buy the car or put in the work to get the promotion. The gift is our now and and forever.

So, every moment becomes a moment worthy of celebration . Every day a chance to celebrate God’s goodness. Every interaction a brush with the Divine and if that doesn’t call for celebration I don’t know what does. (candles optional and probably still not advised)

Life is better together,

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