lunch: Red Letter Challenge

Lunch. It’s the meal I am most likely to skip. It is also the meal I most miss during this time of pandemic.

All the way back to elementary school, I have enjoyed sitting down over lunch with others. In seminary, I found gathering around a table for lunch proved to be some of the most formational time spent during my time there.

Serving as a staff member of churches, I found the time eating lunch together offered an opportunity to grow closer together and to share life’s ups and down and everything in between. I miss these times.

I have found I’m eating healthier during this pandemic, but I miss eating with others. I miss lunch chatter and lunch buddies and lunch explorations of new places and new food.

So for now, I’ll warm up some leftover lasagna and look forward to the day when we gather again around tables. Let me know when you’re available…my treat.

Life is better together,

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