follow: Red Letter Challenge

I’ve had dogs all my life. Not that I don’t like cats (I do), but if asked, I say, “I’m a dog person.” After several years without a dog, we heard of a neighbor of a friend looking to rehome his seven month old puppy after some significant life changes. That’s how our spunky German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) came to live with us roughly six months into a pandemic.

If you don’t know the breed, they are awesome. Bred as an all around hunting dog that could also serve as a family pet, the GSP certainly met the expectations of those who first bred them. They have great stamina, are strong and smart and full of energy.

Our GSP is really just a puppy and hasn’t had much training. Translation: we spend a good chunk of any given day walking the dog, running with the dog, watching the dog run laps around the house. She sometimes comes when called. She’s stubborn in a way I haven’t seen in other dogs. She chews…everything. She likes belly rubs. She often pulls us along wherever she wants to go.

I’m starting to think God gifted me this dog.

As she leads and I follow, I find my patience is constantly challenged. “Don’t eat that poop!” “NO! We are not chasing that squirrel/bird/rabbit/dog/small child/leaf/gust of wind.” “Get out of the street!” “Get out of their yard.” “I said, no poop!”

I am imagining God watching and laughing because I must constantly challenge God’s patience.

God just wants me to follow, but I have to chase this thing and get into that thing. God doesn’t jerk on a leash to redirect me, but God does try to help me know that if I follow we will have great adventures, more wonderful than any I might rush off to on my own.

So, I’m trying to help the dog, but I’m also trying to do so in a way that rewards her inquisitive nature, her instinct to sniff everything and chase whatever moves. Again, I think this is what good leaders do; they help those who follow them discover the way using their own strengths. At least I think that’s what God is doing with me.

So, God, thanks for the dog. I’m hear you and I’m trying. Following is something I’m still learning. Be patient with me a little….SQUIRREL!

Life is better together,

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