Get In My Belly!

I had the opportunity to talk about food and faith today with some dear friends. In my rambling I said something that keeps rattling around in my head…

We all eat.

Okay, that is not a profound statement. The implication; however, lies at the heart of Christianity.

Whatever your income, education, political affiliation, height, favorite color, etc., you need to eat.

Food, the need to eat, is an equalizer. Whatever may separate us, our need for food levels the playing field.

That is not to say we all have the same access to food or the means to buy/grow nutritious food. In fact, helping people who are experiencing hunger gain access to the food they need is part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

It is also why I love to share meals with others. Food binds us together in ways few other things can. Food connects to emotions. Food makes memories.

So, as I keep thinking about food and how it can impact relationships, I’d love to hear your stories of food connecting you with others.

Share in the comments or leave a way for me to connect with you.

Life is better together, Shawn

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