abide: Red Letter Challenge

Lent is a season for repentance; a time to account for one’s sins. So a confession… I have not made it all the way through The Big Lebowski. I don’t really know why I haven’t. It seems like a movie I’d get into. Great actors. A cult following. Dark humor. Bowling (that’s my personal bowling […]

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Hit the Head Pin!

I am not a bowler. So why am I participating in a men’s bowling league with a bunch of guys from church? I ask myself this question just about every week as I trade my Chuck Taylor’s for shoes who knows how many feet have slipped into.  I place my personal ball ( a Christmas […]

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The Big Shawnbowski

So I’m not much of a bowler.  Even after several months “competing” in a league, I’m averaging 130.  My best game ever is a 175.  If I string more than a couple of strikes together, something crazy is going on. Still, I’ve enjoyed my time participating in this men’s bowling league. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet guys […]

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