The Big Shawnbowski

So I’m not much of a bowler.  Even after several months “competing” in a league, I’m averaging 130.  My best game ever is a 175.  If I string more than a couple of strikes together, something crazy is going on.

Still, I’ve enjoyed my time participating in this men’s bowling league.

I’ve enjoyed getting to meet guys I see around church, but haven’t really had the time to get to know.  I’ve enjoyed meeting guys that don’t go to church, but who make up the extended network of friends some of our church guys have invited.  I’ve enjoyed meeting the staff at the bowling alley.  I’ve enjoyed thinking about my own parent’s experience as they bowled when I was younger.  I’ve enjoyed the anticipation of seeing the guys week to week.  I’ve enjoyed the conversations that have had absolutely nothing to do with bowling, but which have dealt with grieving a loved one’s death, celebrating experiences in worship, chatting about sports and dogs and kids and juggling schedules…life.

Forming and strengthening relationships is as hard and as easy as spending time with others.

As this league ends, I’m already looking forward to the next go-around in the Fall.  Until then, I’ll have to work a bit harder to stay connected…to have the conversations…to spend the time with these guys.

It’ll be worth the effort.

Life is better together,

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