Is This What You Want?

I’m not much of a chocolate fan. I know some will stop reading right there. “Nobody who admits to less than complete devotion to chocolate is worth my time.” Hey, I get it. Chocolate is powerful stuff. I just don’t particularly crave it or miss it when I don’t have it around. As we begin […]

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Movements > Institutions

When Jesus began his public ministry, folks connected with his message and decided to join others who sought to share and live that message. Through fierce opposition and even the death of Jesus (they thought that would kill the movement…they were wrong!), the movement continued to expand and eventually became the official religion of the […]

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Place…again [1Word5Voices]

So today’s word, “place” has already appeared in our Lenten photo-a-day/blog-a-day challenge. (here’s my previous place post) The repetition led one of my fellow bloggers (links at the bottom), to promptly decide today was a free day. No need to blog again on a word we already covered. But I’ve been thinking about that. If […]

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