Place…again [1Word5Voices]

So today’s word, “place” has already appeared in our Lenten photo-a-day/blog-a-day challenge. (here’s my previous place post)

The repetition led one of my fellow bloggers (links at the bottom), to promptly decide today was a free day. No need to blog again on a word we already covered.

But I’ve been thinking about that.

If we’re really being transformed, if Lent is “doing” its Lenty thing in us and through us, shouldn’t we be in a different place than when we started?

Shouldn’t we be different?

placeI have the place mat I used when I was a little kid. (Take a look at that thing! Any wonder I’m a bit odd?) Judging by the trademark, I was somewhere around four, when I sat down to gobble up my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this place mat. It was with my folks for a number of years, but somewhere around the time I officially moved out of the house, the mat came to be in my possession.

I don’t sit it in front of me when I eat. I don’t use it at all. But it is a reminder to me that I am in a different place than where I started.

I have grown and learned and am continuing to grow and learn. I occupy different places and spaces now. I think differently. I act differently. I’ve seen things and done things. I’m not a four-year-old.

My place in the world is not static, but dynamically changing.

If we are the same at the end of Lent as when we started, we missed something. Our time in the wilderness is meant to be a time of reflection and re-orientation. We are meant to change.

So yes, we already shared some thoughts on place. I’m just hoping we are all in a different place now…a place closer to God.

Life is better together,

Check out what a few of my friends taking this journey with me think of this word…

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