Place [1Word5Voices]

I’ve heard it said, and have even said myself,”Church isn’t a place, it’s the people.” This is true. However, this truth may leave us with a misunderstanding that place doesn’t matter, that the physical gathering spot for a community of faith is irrelevant. This is not true. The incarnation of Christ is certainly experienced in the […]

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Why The Sanctuary Is Empty

Have you been to a wedding lately?  A funeral? I have.  And I’m finding more and more these important expressions of the faith I profess are taking place outside of a church building. So what? “The Church isn’t a building, it’s a people.”  Agreed. My fear is that while we are called to live beyond […]

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Fantasy Church

For a number of years, I’ve been involved in fantasy football* leagues.  If you’re unfamiliar with fantasy football, you basically “draft” a team of real players, track their stats, and your made-up team wins/loses based on what the real players do on any given weekend. In many ways, fantasy football has increased my interest in real-life […]

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