Our Kind Of Crazy

crazyChurch people are weird. There, I said it. Bizarre. Kooky. Strange.

Pick any word you like, we are a bunch of crazies.

And that is what makes the Church wonderful.

Following Jesus will eventually lead us off the beaten paths, beyond the “do not enter” signs, and out into the deep waters. You don’t go to those places unless you are a bit off, maybe a lot off.

If you are interested in following Jesus, the challenge is to find the group of crazy people who are your kind of crazy. The world will call this group church, but those who scratch below the surface will discover its just a bunch of odd ducks who have found they share the same quack.

I’m coming to this realization as I consider the mission (a.k.a. service/outreach) work of the church I serve.

Let me explain…

Once upon a time, I believed we served folks so that they would decide we were good people they wanted to hang out with. I thought we’d go to the elementary school, deliver the supplies, tutor the kids, provide weekend meals, and somewhere along the line we’d build relationships. Those relationships would inevitably lead to folks deciding they liked these church folks who did good things and they would show up on a Sunday and join the movement.

This scenario may play out, but I am discovering a much more likely experience.

We go to the school or the homeless shelter or the disaster site or [fill in the blank]. We do build relationships, but we also share the stories of lives impacted (including our own). What happens next? Other folks begin to join in the work because they want to do the kind of work we are doing. They want to impact lives (including their own) in the ways we are. They discover we have similar passions and interests and desires. Our dreams and goals are aligned. The folks that begin joining our movement are folks who can say, “They are my kind of crazy!”

So we’ve got to get better at telling our stories, We’ve got to invite people into the work of the church. We’ve got to be clear about what God is dreaming through us. We’ve go to name and embrace our flavor of crazy.

The result?

Less wrangling and trying to convince folks to serve. Less pulling and pushing folks into ministry. Less “feed me, take care of me, serve me”.

More exciting, wild, kingdom-sized life change. More love and freedom and energy. More “watch what God is going to do through us!”

I like more.

Are you our kind of crazy? Let’s spend some time together. I have a crazy story for you.

Life is better together,

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