Known To Be Known

Relationships are messy. The expectations. The hopes and fears. The excitement and disappointments. Yet, figuring out how to connect with others, more specifically how to love and be loved, stands as our greatest life’s work. So, we enter into the messiness of relationships. Doing so we discover the messiness isn’t an unfortunate byproduct, the struggle […]

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Weather And Deeper Things

As a pastor I find myself talking with folks a lot. Sometimes as we wait for a loved one to get checked in before a surgery. Sometimes as a couple explores questions concerning baptizing a child. Sometimes as we share a meal and just get to know each other. Often these conversations remain somewhat surface, […]

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The Big Shawnbowski

So I’m not much of a bowler.  Even after several months “competing” in a league, I’m averaging 130.  My best game ever is a 175.  If I string more than a couple of strikes together, something crazy is going on. Still, I’ve enjoyed my time participating in this men’s bowling league. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet guys […]

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