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And just like that, the Red Letter Challenge comes to an end. Or does it? If the point of the challenge was to practice the practices of Jesus, then I suggest the journey continues. After all, Jesus’ commission to the disciples was not, “Good job, fellas. I’m going to head back up to Heaven. Good […]

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The Greatest Gift

I was recently presented with a pen. I’ve received more expensive gifts.  I already have a cup full of pens on my desk.  I didn’t really “need” a new pen. So why am I excited about my pen? It is a tangible reminder that someone thought of me.  Someone cared enough about me to gift […]

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Life (Easter #1)

There are 50 days in the Easter season.  Who’s up for an Easter word-a-day challenge? Seriously, though it has been fun and a great discipline through Lent, I’m ready for a change-up. But for today, the word is Life. Fitting for Easter dontcha think? Life. What strikes me this Easter is the difference between life […]

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