After Party

I have just survived my home being invaded by ten sorority girls. Earlier in the week my daughter, one of the aforementioned girls, asked what plans we had this weekend and then commenced to let us know what our plans would be. So, there was cleaning and shopping and cooking. Grilling hamburgers and chicken. A […]

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A Cup of Community

Maybe it was a byproduct of serving in the Army where fresh coffee wasn’t always available in the field. Maybe he was ahead of his time. Maybe he just needed the caffeine rush. Whatever the case, I have vivid memories of my uncle drinking coffee hot, cold and all temperatures in between. He just always […]

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As You Lay Dying

As you lay dying, I am invited into your home. You’re anxious about what is to come. You have questions. You have regrets. You’re thinking of loved ones you aren’t ready to say goodbye to. You’re thinking of loved ones who have gone ahead of you and you wonder if you’ll see them again. You’re […]

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