tree: Red Letter Challenge

Oh, little oak tree, what are you doing? All through the winter you stubbornly held on to your leaves. Through wind and snow and ice and all manner of creepy, flappy, chattery critters, you clung to what you once were. Perhaps you looked to some of your older, taller siblings, and saw how they too […]

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What Are We Afraid Of?

I spent last week at the National Worship Leaders Conference.  It was a great week of worship and learning and fun. The printed and stated theme of this year’s conference was “In Remembrance of Me”.  However, a sub-theme emerged almost from the first speaker and carried throughout the weekend.  The sub-theme was “fear”. Nearly every worship leader talked […]

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As You Lay Dying

As you lay dying, I am invited into your home. You’re anxious about what is to come. You have questions. You have regrets. You’re thinking of loved ones you aren’t ready to say goodbye to. You’re thinking of loved ones who have gone ahead of you and you wonder if you’ll see them again. You’re […]

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