gather: Red Letter Challenge

If there is one thing I have missed during the pandemic, it is meeting family and friends to gather around tables. There is just something magical about sitting with others, sharing food and drink and laughter. Gathering in general is what we are made to do. This is the heart of what I mean when […]

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I Like to Move It! Move It!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to move from one place to another, you know the excitement and the pain that is moving.  (read a bit about my recent move here).  There is the adventure of striking out to discover the new.  There is the sense of wonder that comes when we are open to […]

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Hidden Meaning in Avengers?

“People will naturally gravitate toward experiences that are meaningful, and the most meaningful experience a person can have in this life is to feel connected with God – to know that God is leading their lives, challenging them, interacting with them, and using them to change the world. The common message of controlling sin, going […]

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