Hidden Meaning in Avengers?

“People will naturally gravitate toward experiences that are meaningful, and the most meaningful experience a person can have in this life is to feel connected with God – to know that God is leading their lives, challenging them, interacting with them, and using them to change the world. The common message of controlling sin, going to church, reading your Bible, journaling, and praying is that it just does not paint a compelling enough picture to keep people engaged spiritually, nor does it actually produce an active spirituality where people see God and grow.” Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church, pg. 93


Interesting.  Don’t you think?

I certainly agree…we gravitate toward experiences that are meaningful.

But what is meaningful?

Meaningful in what way(s)?

I like to play video games and read books and watch movies and sit at the beach watching the ocean’s waves.  I’d do any one of these exclusively if I could.

You might say, I gravitate toward these experiences.

Does this make them meaningful?

Do I gravitate toward them as some way of drawing closer to God?  (I wouldn’t immediately say so.)

What experiences do you gravitate toward?


Halter and Smay say the most meaningful experience is to feel connected to God.

But, what does a connection to God entail?  Are we really saying praying and Scripture reading and journaling, etc, don’t count?  Or that they simply aren’t sexy enough to keep our interest?  We can only get a good connection to God if we are serving and getting outside our faith communities?

I’m going with a group of friends to see The Avengers tonight.  Everyone is excited…in a way I don’t hear them talk about God or the Church.  Is this a meaningful experience?  Are we settling for less than the most meaningful?

I’m not ready to resolve any of this tension yet.  I’m not even sure there is any tension, but I do know I have some more to work through as it relates to this idea.  More to follow I’m sure.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts?

Life is better (and more meaningful) together,

Check out a little commercial for AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church here

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