disciple: Red Letter Challenge

Seriousness isn’t a fruit of the Spirit, but joy is. Rend Collective Disciple. Student. Follower. However you say it, being a disciple of Jesus is meant to be life-giving. It is meant to be invigorating. It is meant to be freeing. Why then do so many settle for something less? Why do so many choose […]

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Joy [1Word5Voices]

Joy in Lent In the quiet. In the space between breaths. In the lengthening shadows. In the last note of the song. In the whispered prayer. In the wrestling with angels and demons. In the doubt that finally learns its name. In the temptations and trials. In the dust of creation and destruction. In the wilderness […]

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An Open Letter to a Server

Dear Server, I came into your establishment recently with a few friends.  We try to get together as often as we can, but life conspires to keep us apart more than we would like.  So when you came to our table, I was full of hope and joy and excitement.  I was ready to joke […]

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