disciple: Red Letter Challenge

Seriousness isn’t a fruit of the Spirit, but joy is.

Rend Collective

Disciple. Student. Follower. However you say it, being a disciple of Jesus is meant to be life-giving. It is meant to be invigorating. It is meant to be freeing. Why then do so many settle for something less? Why do so many choose a dead formalism or a going through the motions checking off of the the boxes?

If “disciple” means becoming like Jesus shouldn’t that be exciting?

Jesus raised the dead. Jesus feed thousands. Jesus cast out demons. Jesus walked on water. Jesus recognized the forgotten. Jesus championed the marginalized. Jesus walked alongside the misfits.

Being a disciple should be all of this and more!

I think part of that more is joy.

So, being a disciple is serious but we should never take ourselves too seriously. If we aren’t having the time of our lives (at the highest highs and the lowest lows) I wonder if we are missing something? Shouldn’t this be a bit of fun? Shouldn’t we enjoy joy? Shouldn’t others know the “joy of the Lord” just by being around us?

All I know is I’ve had enough “seriousness.” I think the world has enough of that. I want to share the joy of Jesus, the miracle that is a life lived in and though Christ.

Life is better together,

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