Injustice (Lent #4)

When I was a kid, I delighted in Saturday morning cartoons. Bugs Bunny.  Space Ghost.  Jetsons.  Flintstones.  (yes, Smurfs) My favorites featured the superheroes.  A host of aliens with superpowers.  Men and women with super-gadgets. Superman.  Batman.  Aquaman.  Wonder Woman.  Green Lantern. Flash. Of course, you don’t need superheroes unless there are super villains; a power […]

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Speed-Dating Jesus

I grew up in an abusive home. Each Christmas my parents made us wait until the actual day of Christmas to open up our gifts.  I know, it’s horrifying even to think about it these many years later. Truth be told, after much begging and pleading (it was a little game we played), the folks […]

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