Injustice (Lent #4)

Superman pic

When I was a kid, I delighted in Saturday morning cartoons.

Bugs Bunny.  Space Ghost.  Jetsons.  Flintstones.  (yes, Smurfs)

My favorites featured the superheroes.  A host of aliens with superpowers.  Men and women with super-gadgets.

Superman.  Batman.  Aquaman.  Wonder Woman.  Green Lantern. Flash.

Of course, you don’t need superheroes unless there are super villains; a power that needs to be addressed.  Enter the Justice League.

A group dedicated to preserving, enforcing, fighting for justice.  Justice as right over wrong.  As fairness and goodness triumphing over selfishness and mean-spiritedness.

So this Lenten season, I reflect on the ways I have fought for justice or participated in perpetuating injustice.  I consider the ways my choices in the marketplace contribute to fairness or exploitation.  I take time to examine my power to impact the lives of the less fortunate, the taken advantage of, the marginalized.

I find myself wanting.

Instead of succumbing to shame or guilt, I believe I have an opportunity.  This self-assessment can lead to change.  I can remember the  words of Micah and Isaiah and I can seek to make them part of me.

Injustice doesn’t have to mean defeat.  Injustice doesn’t have to mean I give in or give up.  Injustice doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

Today, I recommit myself to making a difference.  I will support the student’s dodge ball tournament. I will help build sustainable water and sanitation solutions.  I will buy free and fair trade.  I will remember the real Justice League is the collection of all of us fighting for the rights of the vulnerable and those at-risk.

I will recruit others to the cause.  Are you in?

Life is better together,

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