light: Red Letter Challenge

I don’t believe I have ever been afraid of the dark. I have let my imagination run wild while walking along a dark path or through a dark room, but I would suggest this is different than fear. Recognizing there is a type of “healthy” fear which can protect us, for me fear is that […]

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Light (Lent #42)

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” There are times if life when I’ve been carried. I’m thinking particularly of driving around with a buddy, beating his dashboard with a pair of drumsticks (not good for dashboards, by the way) as I grieved the loss of teenage love. I’m thinking about conversations with my wife after […]

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Shadow (Lent #22)

As a kid I used to like to make shadow puppets on the wall.  Dogs and butterflies and ducks and bunnies.  The simple stuff.  But what fun!  Making up stories as I moved my hands back and forth through the light to cast shadows. That’s the thing about shadows, without light they do not exist. It is […]

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