heart: Red Letter Challenge

There is no greater power than music to convey emotion and meaning and what lies in our heart. A song that does that powerfully for me is Head to the Heart by United Pursuit. I especially love the line, “There’s no shame in looking like a fool in giving what I can’t keep to take […]

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Search [1Word5Voices]

I’m pretty sure I have always loved music. All kinds really. Some songs though stand out as particularly powerful. For me, one such song is U2’s, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. The tone. The yearning and longing. The search for that which gives life meaning. Do you know such a search? I […]

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Sing [#1Word5voices]

I attended a conference yesterday which began with some singing.  I don’t believe this to be a uniquely Methodist practice, but I have experienced many gatherings that began in a like manner. Perhaps we Methodists like to sing because at our roots, one of our founders was in love with music.  Of course, I’m thinking of Charles Wesley. Charles, the […]

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